Zeus Production.

Zeus Production is an experienced production company which founded two years ago. We offers video production services, Photography services, Graphic design and web design services. Zeus Production were founded by two talented young entrepreneurs. Victor Chia & Jin Liew, and the other 4 members of our production crew. Our previous customer were Semenyih Memorial Hill, Barisan National, Kuen Cheng Private Secondary school, and others. Furthermore, the founders foresee that within next 5 years, the field of video production will taken a bigger part by the younger generation. An advertisement is no longer effective without the impact of story’s context. Fortunately, Our core values are, 720 degrees thinking, which is the value we could provide is way more than out of the box , two times more than just a mere 360 thinking, we’ve got you covered, once we are hired, we will provide you video content quality that is out of your ‘imagination’. At the same time, Zeus Production’s purpose of existing is to provide the most effective and best product quality in the range of our clients’ budget!

Jin Liew

Creative Director

Victor Chia

Chief Executive Officer

Ting Chun Wei

Video & Marketing Director