Professional Commercial Shooting.

Our cost effective one-stop commercial shooting solution is designated to elevate your business profile through professional photography and videography.

commercial photography

Zeus Production is dedicated in delivering unrivaled commercial photography, in expressing your products’ uniqueness. Through our professional photography skill, we are able to shoot and produce photo that is representing your business professionalism. 

Commercial Videography

This Chinese commercial video is dedicated in spreading and marketing a specific event, in discovering nine types of human attitudes.

This biography video is dedicated and committed in personal branding and marketing. 

This interview video is produced in commercializing personal marketing, dedicated in MCA commercial video. 

This popular video is produced, specifically in celebrating 109 years of anniversary of Kuen Cheng 

This biography video is dedicated in elevating the personal marketing, from the videography perspective. 

This commercial video is produced in spreading the brand awareness and benefit of tea.

Cost Effective Commercial Shooting Solution.

Estimated price

MYR 4000 and above / project
  • Idea development proposal
  • Pre-production
  • Talent casting
  • Video production
  • Post-production
  • 24/7 support